NEFF CircoTherm® is the unique hot air-system for simultaneous baking and roasting on up to 3 Levels in N50 and up to 4 levels in N90. Learn more about this award-winning feature in our iVideo.

NEFF’s unique Slide&Hide® door is the only oven door that slides away under the oven cavity. This eLearning module shows you how easy it is to access the oven cavity for basting, tasting, adding, removing and monitoring dishes.

How do you talk about the Bosch PerfectBake feature? This eLearning module explains how. With cake mixture ready, the customer selects ‘Cake’ and presses ‘Start’. The oven will do the rest.

Christmas turkey or Roast lamb with the Bosch PerfectRoast meat probe will ensure cooking perfection. Its high-sensitivity measuring points determine the core temperature inside the roast to the exact degree and time. Learn more in this eLearning module.

The preheating phase of the cooking process isn't required with coolStart from Siemens. An effective rapid heating-up process lets your customer prepare frozen food without any loss of time. Learn more in our quick eLearning module.